Ethirani Teja Chilli Powder (Red) PET Jar


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Ethirani Teja Chilli Powder (Red) PET Jar

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100% Organic and Natural Teja Chilli (Red) powder

(Sourced directly from farms of Andhra Pradesh)

About this item:

Teja chilli is a fine variety of Guntur chilli. It is organically grown by small scale farmaers in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. The skin of the crushed chilli is thick, red, and hot. Teja chilli has fiery heat and is considered one of the hottest chillies in India. It is one of the popular chillies among international buyers and is perfect for stir-fry, soups, and stews. Teja chilli powder is used as a food and a spice, to give special color & aroma to cuisines. It is used in both fresh and dried forms, to “heat up” curries, pickles and chutneys.

  • 100% organic & natural
  • No additives OR preservatives
  • One of the hottest chillies in India
  • Made out of best quality handpicked chillies

Benefits of Coriander:

While coriander gives out a distinctive and refreshing aroma, it is also packed with so many benefits:

    • The Capsaicinoids compound available in the dried red Teja chilies can relieve the heartburn among the peoples having issues of acid reflux.
    • The Teja chili pepper is packed with multiple antioxidants, viz., vitamin A, flavonoids, alpha- and beta-carotene, lutein. These constituents help to fight against free radicals and prevent many diseases. Vitamin A improves the health of the mucous membrane.
    • Powdered Teja chili is a good source of copper and iron minerals, which heightens in the formation of new blood cells and assist in treating symptoms of anemia and fatigue.
    • The presence of Vitamin A and vitamin C in the S17 chili peppers are vital in enhancing our immunity to fight against multiple viral, microbial infections and illnesses.
    • Taking the hot Teja red chili in daily diets helps to intake the alkaloid compound, capsaicin that acts as an anti-bacterial, anti-diabetic, analgesic, and anti-cancer.

200gm, 400gm


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