Discover the Fiery Delight of Teja Chilli: A Spice Lover’s Paradise

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Teja chilli, also known as “S17 Teja,” is a popular and highly sought-after chilli variety grown in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Renowned for its fiery heat and vibrant red color, Teja chilli has gained immense popularity not only in domestic markets but also in international cuisines. In this article, we will delve into the characteristics, cultivation, culinary uses, and health benefits of Teja chillies, offering insights into why they are considered a gem among spice enthusiasts.

Teja red Chilli powder

Characteristics of Teja Chilli: Teja chilli is a long and slender variety, with an average length of about 6 to 8 centimeters. Its pointed tip and thin skin contribute to its distinctive appearance. The chillies possess a vibrant red color when fully matured, making them visually appealing. Teja chilli’s heat level ranges from 70,000 to 100,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), positioning it as one of the hottest chilli varieties globally.

Cultivation and Growing Conditions: Andhra Pradesh, particularly the Guntur district, is renowned for its ideal climatic conditions and fertile soil, making it the perfect region for cultivating Teja chillies. These chillies thrive in warm and dry climates, with temperatures ranging between 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. The well-drained soil with good organic matter content is optimal for their growth.

Culinary Uses: Teja chillies are a staple ingredient in various regional Andhra Pradesh dishes and are widely used in Indian cuisine. The intense heat and vibrant color of Teja chillies make them ideal for adding spice and flavor to curries, chutneys, pickles, and masalas. They are also popularly used in the preparation of spice blends, such as garam masala and sambar powder. Teja chillies are a key component of the famous Andhra cuisine, known for its fiery and flavorful dishes.

Health Benefits: Apart from adding a punch of heat to dishes, Teja chillies also offer several health benefits. They contain capsaicin, a compound known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming Teja chillies in moderation may aid digestion, boost metabolism, and provide relief from pain. Additionally, capsaicin is believed to have potential benefits for heart health and weight management.

Export and Economic Significance: Andhra Pradesh’s production of Teja chillies plays a crucial role in the Indian spice industry. Due to their exceptional quality and high heat level, Teja chillies are in great demand in domestic and international markets. The export of Teja chillies contributes significantly to the state’s economy, attracting buyers from various regions globally.

Conclusion: Teja chilli, the hot and vibrant variety grown in Andhra Pradesh, stands out for its exceptional characteristics, culinary uses, and health benefits. With its fiery heat and intense flavor, Teja chillies have become an integral part of Indian cuisine and have gained popularity worldwide. As consumers continue to embrace the bold flavors of Teja chillies, the demand for this remarkable spice variety is expected to rise, further solidifying its position in the global spice market.

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